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List of HI professors. Their name color indicates former house, so sorting will not be nessecary. If you're interested in RPing as one of our teachers, contact Kaine Sorenson. If you decide to claim a teacher, feel free to add to the character sheets, these are just a basic idea/guideline. All avatars credit to

Headmistress-Luca Shay
A: Luca Shay is a tall, proud woman. Her tan skin shows her Amazonian heritage. She keeps her burgundy hair short, to keep it out her face. Her piercing brown eyes are legendary to trouble making students. She can usually be seen in emerald green robes, to remind her of home, but likes to wear midnight blue dress robes.
H: Luca McGonagall was born April 5 to Dean and Amara McGonagall. She was raised to be a proud woman, and always love her Amazonian ancestors. She attended Hogwarts, where Luca met her future husband, Thom Shay. She graduated, and took over Charms when Flitwick retired. She was made Deputy Headmistress by her aunt, current Headmistress, Minerva McGonagall. When Minerva retired, Luca became Headmistress, making her then fiance, Thom, Deputy Headmaster.
P: Luca, if you hadn't guessed, is a proud woman. She's strict but fair. Rule breaking will make her mad, which doesn't happen often. She's usually agreeable, and enjoys all kinds of company. However, when she wants to be left alone, you best leave her alone, or there'll be hell to pay.
Hogwarts Staff Lucashay

Potions-Bane Cypher
A: Bane's a tall man. He's muscular, with short blond hair. His eyes are a deep sapphire blue. Bane likes to wear brown pants and a blue dress shirt with a leather vest instead of the usual teaching robes. He says it hinders his teaching less. When in dress robes though, they are blood red.
H: Bane was raised by a Muggle family. He was so excited when he got his letter. He then surprised everyone by being put in Slytherin. A Muggle-born, in Slytherin. Then he graduated, and went on to become a healer at St. Mungo's. After the death of Professor Snape, Bane stepped in to take over the positon.
P: Bane's a good person. He's usually happy, and willing to help the students in anyway necessary. While his teaching methods have been deemed unorthodox, none of the teachers can claim his students aren't learning. He's fiercely loyal. Once, he went as far as hexing one student to protect another.
Hogwarts Staff Banecypher

Transfiguration-Thom Shay (Head of Ravenclaw, Deputy Headmaster)
A: Thom (Pronounced Tom), is tall, but not insanely so. He wears glasses, and has short brown hair. He can usually be spotted in a Hollyshead Harpies jersey, much to the chagrin of his wife. He has a small patch of beard on his chin. Thom has dark brown eyes. His skin is light, but is red most of the time.
H: Thom was orphaned at an early age. When he was young, his family was involved with the mafia. When they failed to meet a mob boss's wishes, a hit man killed them. From then on, Thom vowed to find the man that killed his family and make him pay. Soon, he went to Hogwarts, and his vendettas were forgotten. He grew, and came to replace Professor McGonagall when she became Headmistress.
P: Thom is a huge sports fan. He'll make time to talk about Quiddtich. He dislikes stupid people, but thoroughly enjoys people who try hard in his class. He's willing to help students that come to him. Thom is more laid back than his wife, making him popular among Slytherins. He's intelligent, a trait that landed him in Ravenclaw.
Hogwarts Staff ThomShay

Charms-Kaelin Nellam
A: Kaelin is a tall woman, and very proud looking. She has long brown hair, which reaches to the middle of her back. Her emerald green eyes are always searching for the truth. Kaelin has fair skin. She usually wears a white dress, with long flared sleeves. Her dress robes don't differ much from her regular robes.
H: Kaelin is the product from an arranged marriage. She grew up in England, as the daughter of an English lord, and a witch. She got her magical powers from her mother, but her father taught her, partially, to use them. She then went to Hogwarts, graduated, then took over for Headmistress Shay when she became Headmistress.
P: Kaelin is compassionate, but fair. She seeks the truth. Usually, she's a happy person, but when something makes her mad enough, she becomes somebody totally different. Kaelin is always willing to lend a helping hand, as long as it is in the pursuit of truth.
Hogwarts Staff KaelinNellam

Herbology-Ander Potts (Head of Hufflepuff)
A: Ander is quite fond of hats. Where ever he is, you can usually see him in a hat, normally one that compliments his yellow robes. Ander has short brown hair and a slight tan. His eyes are brown, and rather tired. He is tall and lean from playing Quidditch in his younger days.
H: Ander grew up always confusing reality with fiction. He spent most of his childhood in places like Wonderland and Oz. When he grew of age, he learned that in some places, reality and fantasy do mix, such as Hogwarts. He went to school, showing an aptitude for Herbology. When Neville Longbottom stepped down to spend time with his adopted son Erick, Ander took the position of Herbology Professor.
P: Ander is a bit lost and confused. If students can actually get his attention, he's willing enough to help, not that his help is very useful. He harbors a delusion that the flowers talk to him. Ander can be brilliant at times, but he's usually a bit scatter brained.
Hogwarts Staff AnderPotts

DADA-Karry Prey (Head of Gryffindor)-CLAIMED
A: Karry is quite small and slim. She has brown hair which she sometimes puts in a ponytail, but other times just leaves it down. She has light brown eyes which comfort you. She wears black robes and no hat to teach, but her Dress Robes are Purple. She has blemishless skin.
H: Karry was born on the 3rd of October 1985, 6 pounds and 14 ounces. She is a Half-blood, with a Muggle Mother and a Half-blood Father. She grew up in Wales until the age of 5, when she moved to London. When she went to Hogwarts, she was sorted into Gryffindor, but very nearly got put in Raenclaw. She passed her O.W.Ls with all Outstandings except for Astronomy and Ancient Runes. She passed with full marks in her N.E.W.Ts and W.O.M.B.A.Ts and then went on to become an Auror. She passed her Auror tests at the age of 19 and grew in magical skill until the age of 25, when she applied at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to take over the retiring Professor Jones.
P:Karry is bubbly and clever. She has the heart of a lion when it comes to fighting, but it doesn't show when she teaches. She treats children with kindness which makes her the favourite teachers of her House, the majority of Hufflpuff and about half of Ravenclaw, but the Slytherins all like their Head of House the most. She makes friends quickly, but her few enemies outside of the Dark Arts were made twice as quickly. Her best lesson was always D.A.D.A.
Hogwarts Staff KarryPrey

Astronomy-James Cazan
A: James Cazan has a wizened old face. He wears glasses because his sight is going. His grey hair is also thinned. Cazan has tons of wrinkles. His eyes are a faded green. James can usually be seen in green robes, and a kilt and leather jacket for formal occasions.
H: James was born to Margret and Killan Cazan on the shores of Dublin, Ireland. There he grew, a happy boy. He then went to Hogwarts and met his future wife, Mary. The two were wed, and James became the Astronomy teacher at Hogwarts. Then he learned that his wife Mary had caught pneumonia and died. James continued teaching, but had lost all spark in his life.
P: James is a cold cynical person. He used to always smile and be happy until his wife Mary died. Now he hates his job, and hates people in general. He tends to leave his students on top of the Astronomy Tower, and forget about them. When a student comes asking for help, James will either ignore them, or brush them off. All in all, he's not a nice person.
Hogwarts Staff JamesCazan

Arithmancy-Avery Lake
A: Avery is about medium height, and.....substantial. That is to say, he's not obese, but he's not skinny, either. He's got short dirty blond-to-the-point-it's-almost-brown hair. He has warm chocolate colored eyes. You could almost describe Avery as a human teddy bear. His black robes help substantiate that assessment.
H: Avery is from a small town in Georgia. When he started talking about seeing things like dragons and fairies, his parents had him committed to a mental institution. He escaped using magic, and somehow ended up at Hogwarts. Avery is dyslexic, but has a way with magical numbers which landed him the job of Arithmancy professor at Hogwarts.
P: Avery is a little off beat, making him a favorite among the students. He's got dyslexia and a lisp, either of which being talked about sets him off. Usually he's really agreeable, once even being compared to a compassionate five-year-old. In short, while he has the mentality of a young child, Avery is highly intelligent, and someone to know.
Hogwarts Staff AveryLake

Divination-Raina Briggs (Head of Slytherin)
A: Raina is a tall woman. Her eyes are dark, to the point they're almost black. Her raven black hair is constantly pulled back into a braid. She has fair skin, but has patches of dry skin, attributed to a disease she got as a child. He likes to wear red or brown leather shirts and pants, and combat boots.
H: Raina comes from a large family made up of mostly girls. She was born to Amelia and Darken Briggs between her sisters Berdine and Cara. Raina and her sisters were raised around magic, so it was no suprise when they went to Hogwarts. There, it was discovered Raina had the sight. Raina's sixth year, Trealawny committed suicide, so when she graduated, she applied for the post of Divination teacher.
P: Raina's strict. Some kids would call her a torturer. However, she just wants people to truly appreciate the art of Divination. If you can get on her good side, she's fiercely loyal. She has a good relationship with Bane Cypher and Kaelin Nellam. The three of them are nearly inseparable.
Hogwarts Staff RainaBriggs

Muggle Studies-Scout Finch
A: Scout is short. She likes to keep her black hair short. She has crooked teeth which she likes to show off by smiling. Her face is covered in freckles. Scout is skinny. She likes to wear t-shirts and overalls instead of robes. Her eyes are an icy blue.
H: Scout comes from a wealthy family in Alabama. She is the youngest, dwarfed by her older brother Jeremy. Her mother died giving birth to her, and later her father remarried a colored woman. Scout came to Hogwarts, and when Charity Burbage died, Scout took her place.
P: Scout makes it a point to know everything, so when a student asks her a question, she strives to find the answer. She has some preconceived notions, ones that she's always willing to overcome. She's easily frustrated, but is working on that. Scout loves to learn, and tries to avoid hindrances.
Hogwarts Staff ScoutFinch

Ancient Runes-Emmett Darcy
A: Emmett is tall, and rather buff. He has short, curly brown hair. Emmett's skin is pale. Most describe him as handsome, others as gorgeous. Emmet has dimples and a childish looking face. He's got a full form, but he's not overweight. His eyes are a topaz color, a result of a spell gone wrong. He likes to wear long sleeved shirts, jeans, and converse.
H: Emmett is from the Olympic Peninsula where he lived with his sister, Alice and his cousin, Jasper. The three of them attended Hogwarts together. That's when Alice tried to cast a spell that hit Emmett in the eyes, enhancing his vision and changing their color. That's what led him to be able to decipher ancient runes, a talent which got him into the Hogwarts Staff.
P: Emmett is always up for a laugh, unless it gets in the way of him deciphering runes. He's always working on a new set of runes, and is very determined. Emmett's mind understands things other people's don't, so he has a tendency to talk in half sentences because his brain is working faster than his mouth.
Hogwarts Staff EmmettDarcy

Care of Magical Creatures-Rubeus Hagrid

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