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 Greenwood Academy

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PostSubject: Greenwood Academy   Greenwood Academy Icon_minitimeThu Dec 30, 2010 11:14 pm

Greenwood Academy GreenwoodAcademy

Dear New Student,

Welcome to Greenwood Academy! Your student application is enclosed.

You have been invited here because you are special, too special for the normal world. You may have noticed that strange things are happening around you. The wind, water, fire, earth, or other parts of the natural world around you seems to do what you want, when you need it to. Or perhaps you’ve found your interest in sorcery or witchcraft is turning into a manifestation of your abilities. Or maybe you’re a creature, and you can’t find anywhere to take shelter, though your intent is not to harm another being. Whatever your case may be, we at Greenwood aim to support, educate, and protect you. You are welcome among us. You are in fact a part of us.

Greenwood Academy was founded in 1858 in the mountains of Colorado far enough away from society to maintain secrecy. Greenwood has a wonderful campus full of green grass and other plants. We pour millions of dollars into keeping the grounds in the beautiful shape they are in now. Throughout the campus there are gardens with fountains and benches for students to study or just hang out. Our campus has been voted one of the best campus grounds. The original buildings from when Greenwood was built still stand. We take pride in the old architecture that hasn't been changed since it was built.

So whether you’re a mythical creature, a shifter, an elemental user, a witch, warlock or sorcerer, or of any type, from any corner of the world, you are a welcome addition to our student body here at Greenwood. We pride ourselves on our acceptance of international students, from anywhere across the globe. We will protect you from the people who are trying to expose us, hunt us. We will also teach you how to protect yourself out in the real world and how to control your powers. You may even be sent out into the real world, across the globe, to help others like you to get to Greenwood, where it is safe for others like us.

We hope you enjoy your time here!

The Greenwood Academy Administration

›› Grand Opening! Lots of possibilities! (Don’t you love that new site smell?)

›› Minimum 50 word standard; all ranges of roleplayers welcome!

›› Friendly, active staff members!

›› Staff positions open!

›› Virtually no restrictions! All creatures, magic and elemental users welcome!

Greenwood Academy Kainesig
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Greenwood Academy
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