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PostSubject: HI Canon students   HI Canon students Icon_minitimeSun Jan 09, 2011 10:01 am

List of some students you can RP as. If you're interested in RPing as one of these characters, PM Kaine Sorenson. Note: These, like the teachers, are just rough guidelines and can be changed as necessary. Unclaimed canon characters may be used as secondary characters in rp threads.





Appearance (5 sentences): Sylphie has teal scaly skin. She has long brown hair, and finned ears. Her eyes are a piercing yellow. She's tall by human standards, because of her tail. She can usually be seen in some variant of the Hogwarts uniform.

History (5 sentences): Sylphie was born in Hogwart's own Black Lake. All her life, she wondered what life on the surface was like. She asked her family, her friends, even the elders. They all told her the same thing: "It doesn't matter. You'll never go up there. Now go away." But Sylphie was not dettered. When Headmistress Shay started excepting students from all over, Sylphie jumped at the chance to attend Hogwarts.

Personality (5 sentences): Sylphie is a very curious person, sometimes too much for her own good. She's constantly asking questions. Sylphie is also fiercely courageous. She's willing to give her life to those she deems worthy. However, as a mermaid, she doesn't deem many worthy.
Note: Sylphie can only RP in the Black Lake
HI Canon students Sylphie

Name: Terenti "Trey" Mistov

Year: 6

Gender: Male

House: Ravenclaw

Appearance (5 sentences): Trey has fair skin, and snow white hair. His eyes are blood red, a sure sign of Albinism. He likes to keep his hair short, so it's out of his face. He's tall, and more muscular than he looks. Trey, when not in class, can be found in a white tee-shirt and jeans.

History (5 sentences): Trey comes from a small village in the Asian side of Russia. He has two smaller siblings, Anna and Alexei. When he was young, though, his family made a pilgrimage to St. Petersburg in hopes of a better life. That's when Trey got his letter. He was shipped off to Hogwarts, and hasn't been home since.

Personality (5 sentences): Trey's always up for a good laugh with his mates. He's good at flying, and excels at classes. He's very well rounded, being fluent in French, Russian, and English. He's also openly homosexual. Trey also enjoys a good game of chess.
HI Canon students TreyMistov

Name: Erick Longbottom

Year: 5

Gender: Male

House: Hufflepuff

Appearance (5 sentences): Erick has short brown hair. His eyes are a warm chocolate brown. He's a little chubby, but not extremely so. Erick is a little on the short side, and has a permanent smile. His ears are pointed.

History (5 sentences): One dark and stormy night, a small basket appeared on the front steps of the Leaky Cauldron. This basket contained an infant. He was an odd baby, smaller than most and with pointed ears. Hannah and Neville Longbottom took him in, and discovered he was part house elf. They raised him as their own, and sent him off to Hogwarts.

Personality (5 sentences): Erick is a bit timid, a result of his house-elf heritage. When people befriend him, he's loyal to the end. He will go to the ends of the earth to do what they ask of him. He always enjoys a good joke, even if he doesn't get it at first. Erick is a generally happy person.
HI Canon students ErickLongbottom


Name: Skye Allan

Year: 3

Gender: Male

House: Slytherin

Appearance (5 sentences): Skye has been described as a "horror movie reject." This could probably be attributed to his raven black hair or his snow white skin. Or his sunken black eyes. Or his short, skinny build. Or his overly baggy clothes.

History (5 sentences): From a young age, Skye always knew he was special. More special than most, even. Skye could talk to dead people. Not talk, per-say, but see and hear. His parents sent him to therapy before his letter came. Then he escaped to Hogwarts.

Personality (5 sentences): Skye is not a people person. Talking to dead people a lot does that to you. He tends to keep to himself, and adds another layer to his shell for every person that tries to crack it. He's into the macabre, labeling him as an even bigger freak.
HI Canon students SkyeAllan


Name: Tane McFly

Year: 7

Gender: Male

House: Gryffindor

Appearance (5 sentences): Tane is fairly tall, standing at about 6'3". His skin is tanned, and his body is covered in tattoos celebrating his heritage from the Maori. Tane can normally be seen in a grey long sleeve shirt and jeans, if not his uniform. His dark brown hair is fairly long, reaching down just above his shoulders. His eyes are a light blue and he usually has a smile on his face. He has a sort of rugged look, and on on of his palms a small spade tattoo is placed, the only tattoo not part of his Moko.

History (5 sentences): Tane is from New Zealand. There, he grew up with Natalie Hollis. The two became great friends, and Tane developed feelings for her. But it couldn't work out. Nat basically lived in the water. Tane became seasick. He couldn't go onto a boat after Natalie had her accident. . Soon, Tane began to exhibit magical abilities after Natalie left for Hogwarts. So on spring break, she brought him to be evaluated. Now he's fighting for another chance with Natalie, and dealing with whatever is going on inside of him.

Personality (5 sentences): Tane's always deep in thought, so most people avoid him. He's mostly quiet, because his mind is other places. When you finally crack his shell though, he's quite an outward person. He's always joking, and looking for a laugh.
HI Canon students 100x100


Name: Emily Mason

Year: 5
Gender: Female

House: Ravenclaw

Appearance (5 sentences): Emily is a cross between a cat and a human. Her fur is a black color, and her hair is brown. Her ears are black, and her eyes are yellow. She's normally in school robes, but can sometimes be seen in a dress that looks like it belongs in the 1800s.

History (5 sentences): Emily is from Salem, Massachusetts. Her brother, Kit Mason was always a bit adventurous with magic, even though their parents warned them about ridicule from muggles. He tried to turn Emily into a cat, thus resulting in her current state. Her brother has since graduate, but Emily still constantly visits Madame Pomfrey, looking for a cure.

Personality (5 sentences): Emily's shy, because of her looks. She's also very inquisitive. Emily doesn't talk much, preferring to write her responses, in case she lets out an accidental meow. She is usually with book, and it's very rare to see her with out one.
HI Canon students EmilyMason






Appearance (5 sentences):

History (5 sentences):

Personality (5 sentences):


Name: Zach Brander

Year: 3

Gender: Male

House: Slytherin

Appearance (
5 sentences):
Zach has short black hair, and light skin. He's about 5'3". Zach has hazel eyes, and a smile. He can normally be seen in Hogwarts robes, or a hoodie and jeans.

History (5 sentences): Zach was orphaned at age 3 during a flood in Baton Rouge. Louisiana. He was put into the system where he met his older brother, Kaine Sorenson. He was then placed in the care of Annie Deveraux, a voodoo priestess. Both he and Kaine went off to Hogwarts.

Personality (5 sentences): Zach's a free spirit, and very determined. He always tries to be like his older brother Kaine, but feels like Kaine treats him like he was five. He wants to do his own thing, and not be oppressed by others. He wants to be treated like his own person.
HI Canon students ZachBrander

HI Canon students Kainesig
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